All Juiced Up Part Two - Volume 6 (12")


INXS ALL JUICED UP PART 2 is a collection of nine strictly limited edition coloured vinyl 12” records featuring remixes of songs such as "Need You Tonight", "Listen Like Thieves", "New Sensation", "What You Need", "Suicide Blonde", "Bitter Tears" and many more from throughout the band’s career.

As the name suggests, INXS ALL JUICED UP PART 2 is the follow-up to ALL JUICED UP, a limited edition remix CD/Cassette that accompanied INXS’s 1994 multi-platinum-selling Greatest Hits album.

The nine 12” records that make up INXS ALL JUICED UP PART 2 have all been remastered at Abbey Road and will only be produced for a one-time limited edition coloured vinyl run.

The band, spurred on by their manager Chris Murphy, were always proponents of the 12” version, and they even released a collection of their mixes Dekadance as far back as 1983. Murphy had the incredible foresight to see that a rock band with a strong presence on the dancefloor could take the world by storm. He was proven correct and made sure that throughout the lifespan of the band, they always worked with the world’s hottest remixers, including David Morales, Youth, Paul Oakenfold, Coldcut, Basement Jaxx, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Francois Kervorkian, Peter Lorimer, E-Smoove and many more. The title itself ALL JUICED UP, also came from Chris Murphy.

Virtually all of the tracks on INXS ALL JUICED UP PART 2 have been deleted and unavailable in some cases for decades. As the collection builds, there will be surprises in store for even the most hardcore INXS fan, and when it is complete, the reverse of the nine 12” records will form a giant image of the band in their prime.

The first three 12”s in the collectable series will be released this October, followed by a further three in February 2024, with the final three coming in May 2024.

1. Just Keep Walking – Sgt Slick Extended Mix
2. What You Need – Cold Cut Mix
3. Don’t Lose Your Head – Leadstation Solid Gold Mix
4. Guns In The Sky – Kookaburra Mix